Peri-Implantitis Overview


Peri-implant infections are conditions surrounding a dental implant. Mucositis is the inflammation and/or ulceration of the soft tissues around an implant. This occurs as a response to the presence of pathogens in the gum tissue, resulting in bleeding upon probing, redness and swelling of the soft tissue, but no loss of supporting bone structure.

Peri-Implantitis is the more destructive inflammatory response which affects both soft and hard tissue surrounding a dental implant and does lead to bone loss. This condition can cause ‘crater-like’ dental defects, as well as bleeding or pus and lack of implant mobility. 

To treat Peri-Implantitis, bacterial plaque removal is performed surgically or non-surgically, depending on the severity of the individual case, to prevent further disease progression and prepare the site for potential regenerative procedures. After the implant surface has been decontaminated, guided bone regeneration is accomplished with the use of bio-materials to promote the growth of new tissue in the affected area.